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Hiking in Romania

The Romanian Carpathians offer a variety of hiking opportunities. Whether we are talking about the caves in the Apuseni Mountains, the highest peak in the Southern Carpathians or the ample views from the Eastern Carpathians, a hike in Romania can satisfy all kinds of interests. Numerous hiking trails also contribute to this. Romania offers a wide range of possibilities, from easy to difficult hiking trails. We can add experiences, starting with the possibility to observe wildlife and plant life, getting to know the typical hospitality of locals. To experience all that, you should hike in Romania.


The Apuseni Mountains or the Western Carpathians

Hike in an area where traditions and the daily life of the locals can bring you a new life experience. Hike in an area where simplicity is at home and where time has stood still.

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In the Southern Carpathians: the Cindrel Mountains and the Piatra Craiului Mountains

A combination of hiking trails in the highest mountains of Romania. The Cindrel Mountain is famous for its marvellous views on the Transylvanian highland. The Piatra Craiului Mountain enchants anyone with its landscape.

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Pure nature experience in Romania: the Danube Delta and the Carpathians

This tour is designed especially for nature lovers. It is also very suitable for birdwatching and wildlife observation and of course the flora will be also present. All this combined with scenic landscapes from the hiking trails worth a travel to Romania.

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Hike and discover Romania

Join us on our hiking trails und experience wildlife and nature with us. Each hiking can be a new experience and a new adventure.



Our hiking trails are compiled so, that our guests can discover untouched landscapes and the nature. But because the culture and history of the country is a must in your journey, we have also thought about sightseeing.

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Antal Árpád

Location: Sibiu, Romania
Languages: German, English

Due to our love for nature and for the country, we have decided to present Romania’s culture and history through our hiking trails. The decision comes from Antal Arpad, who has more than ten years of experience in guiding hikes and nationwide round trips. This is how our hiking routes, which present the history and culture but especially the beauty of the country and nature, were borne. We hope our hikes will remain in the memory of our guests as unique experiences, and that they will come for the second time to Romania.



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