Paragraph 1 – Registration

You can register only in writing, per email at or using the contact form. After receiving the registration, customers receive a booking form. With the reservation form, customers offer the conclusion of a travel contract. The travel contract will be concluded only after the customers reads and accepts by signature, the general terms and conditions described here, and after has sent the booking respectively the travel confirmation to the customer. If the booking or travel conformation contains other specifications and services than those provided by the contract, the customers are entitled to declare within 14 days an explicit non-acceptance. If the non-acceptance is not declared within the 14 days period mentioned above, the booking, respectively travel confirmation become mandatory.

Paragraph 2 – Terms of payment

After having received the booking confirmation per email, the person who made the reservation must make an advanced payment in the amount of 25%. The advance payment respectively the corresponding amount must be transferred to, after submission of invoice, no later than 30 days before the commencement of the trip. When using BIC/SWIFT or IBAN, standard EU transfers are basically free of charge, so no additional fees or charges should incur. The final payment in amount of 75% of the total price is made as agreed. Special conditions for groups are granted under a corresponding agreement, reached prior to the booking confirmation.

Paragraph 3 – Services

The range of services is shown in the descriptions of the detailed program, valid for the travel period, as well as in the information from the travel confirmation. reserves its right to make changes to the initial details after the conclusion of the contract, for objective unforeseeable reasons. The character of an adventure or hiking tour requires under certain circumstances, from experience, repeated changes to the original tenders. This applies especially for changed street or road conditions, flight schedule changes, hotel overbooking, changes of weather, arbitrariness of state authorities (e.g. Visas), etc.
Tenders represent the planned itinerary, without specifying the actual itinerary in detail. The customer is not entitled to a warranty claim or price reduction due to the aforementioned changes in the trip itinerary.

Paragraph 4 – Changes of services and prices

4.1: Any changes of fundamental travel services, differing from the stipulated contents of the travel contract, which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract and were not effectuated by the tour operator contrary to good faith, are only permitted, as long as the changes do not relevantly impair the overall concept of the trip.

4.2: Any applicable warranty claims remain unaffected insofar as the changed services are seriously defective.

4.3: The tour operator is obligated to inform the customer of substantial changes of services immediately after becoming aware of the reason for change.

4.4: If a considerable modification is made to any of the essential travel services, the customer has the right to withdraw from the travel contract free of charge, or to demand to take part in a travel of at least the same value, provided the tour operator is able to provide such a travel without additional charges.

4.5: The tour operator reserves its right to increase the prices quoted and confirmed in the booking confirmation, especially in cases in which transport costs, fees, taxes or exchange rates change:

If the transport costs or the fees for certain services, especially for fuel, increase, the tour operator is entitled to increase the travel price, according to the following calculation:

a) In case of cost increases charged to the tour operator on a seat basis, the tour operator can charge the traveler the relevant increase.

b) In other cases, the additional transport costs charged by the transport provider per means of transport are divided by the number of seats for the contractual means of transport. The tour operator may charge to customers the resulting amount for individual seats.

In the event of a change to exchange rates following the conclusion of the contract, the price may be increased to the extent the service becomes more expensive for the tour operator as a result.
4.6: An increase is only acceptable if there is a period of more than 4 months between the contract conclusion and the agreed departure date and the circumstances leading to the increase had not begun before the contract was concluded and were not foreseeable by the tour operator on conclusion of the contract.

4.7: The tour operator is obligated to inform the customer of substantial changes to the prices quoted. Changes to the prices quoted within 30 days before the start of a tour are not effective. With an increase of more than 10% of the quoted price the customer is entitled to declare an explicit non-acceptance without being charged. The non-acceptance must be claimed by the customer immediately after this was informed about an increase of more than 10% of the quoted price.

Paragraph 5 – Cancellation by the customer

Each participant to a travel may at any time cancel the travel, only by written and personally worded declaration. Relevant is the receipt of the declaration at and its confirmation by

If the client withdraws from the contract, prior to the commencement of the travel, reserves its right to demand appropriate compensation for the arrangements made and the expenses incurred, in accordance with the travel price, provided it is not responsible for the withdrawal:

From the conclusion of the contract until:

  • 21 days befor the commencement of the travel 10% of the travel price;
  • 17 to 12 days before the commencement of the travel 30% of the travel price;
  • 12 to 8 days before the commencement of the travel 50% of the travel price;
  • Up to 7 days before the commencement of the travel 75% of the travel price;
  • For non-commencement of the travel without notice 90% of the travel price.
Each customer may nominate an alternative participant. For the associated expenses and for the afferent travel arrangements, a handling fee of 10,- EUR may be charged.
Group conditions: (at least 10 participants) please request per mail.

Paragraph 6 – Not utilized services

The pro rata travel price for all services, defined in the reservation confirmation and recorded in writing, that are not utilized by the participant, are not restituted by The only exceptions are cases of force majeure or services not provided by the contract.

Paragraph 7 – Warranty, claims, remedy, obligation to cooperate

If the travel is not provided according to the contract, the customer can request remedy. But the customer is obligated to immediately inform the tour operator about the occurred travel deficiency. If he culpably fails to do so, he is not entitled to a price reduction. This applies not, only when the notification is clearly futile or is unreasonable for other reasons. The customer is obligated to immediately inform the local tour management or tour guide about his notice of defects. If there is no local tour guide, eventual performance deficiencies should be reported per email to The tour guide is instructed to offer remedy, provided that this is possible. However it is not authorized to validate any claims.

All hikes, hiking trails or tours take place at one’s own risk, under the leadership of the tour guide respectively the tour management. A significant degree of cautiousness is expected from each participant. assumes no liability for accidents, damage or other irregularities, arising in the context of an active journey. This is confirmed by the tacit assumption of the reservation confirmation from The conditional, health and technical requirements of travellers, referred to in the description of each travel, must be taken seriously. Neither the tour guide respectively the tour management, nor ake responsibility for the conditional, health related or technical requirements. All travels are conscientiously prepared by No warranty is assumed for successful peak climbing or for the completion of subjective travel destinations. It is in the nature of travels that a certain residual risk and uncertainty remain for the person making the reservation. Neither the hiking guide, respectively the tour guide, nor assumes responsibility.

Paragraph 8 – passport, visa, foreign currencies and health provisions

Each customer and traveller is responsible for fulfilling all provisions and regulations necessary for the travel. The disadvantages arising from non-compliance are the customer’s responsibility, unless it occurred due to false information from Romania is a member of the EU from 01.01.2007. EU citizens may enter without a visa. A passport or identity card with at least six months before expiration is needed. For children, at least one identity card with photograph is required, or that they are registered in the family passport. The necessary information must be obtained for oneself for each travel, independently of the vehicle.

Paragraph 9 – Invalidity of individual provisions

If one or several provisions from above should be without effect, the other provisions will not be affected. The invalid provision is replaced by a valid provision, the content of which comes as close as possible to that of the invalid provision. is deemed to mean Antal I. Arpad PFA (e.U.). He is registered at the Trade Registry under number F32/980/2012, at the Finance Office of Romania, with UID: 3055580 and seat in 520112 Sibiu, Rusciorului 54, Romania. Place of jurisdiction: Sibiu-Romania.